Organic HeartChange

Redding, CA – September 13-16

Organic Kids’ HeartChange

Sacramento, CA – October 19-21

Livin’ It

This workshop is not currently scheduled in this region. Please check other regions or contact us to inquire about a specific workshop.


Rocky Mountain Region

Organic HeartChange

Cody, WY – January 17-20, 2019

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Quote from Pashley, attended in April 2017

“I’ve personally been forever changed from my experience of HeartChange. And am honestly amazed at HOW much God moved in my life in 4 days, and how much more has come in the last year and a half, since.

It has helped me immensely in learning how to communicate with others better. How to process emotions properly, and not hold them all inside until I blow up. How to draw closer to God. How to deepen that relationship, and continue walking in the depths, not just the shallow end. I’ve built a community there.