The Organic HeartChange ToolKit 1

1. WAND OF CHOICE If I do what I’ve always done, I’ll get what I’ve always gotten! I don’t have to accept things as they are; I can make choices that will help me to improve relationships and accomplish my goals.

2. THE SELF-DEFEATING GAME When I fall into my self-defeating behaviors, I can hurt myself (and others), even if the game gets me what I want in the short term. I will recognize and correct these behaviors to improve my relationships and help give me what I want most in the future.

3. RIGHT VS HAPPY If I have to push to win at the expense of the other person, then everyone loses. I will choose to value a growing, close relationship over building my ego by always insisting that I am right. 

4. NEGATIVE PLAYLIST What lies/negative thoughts am I believing that have become triggers for negative feelings? I will seek to recognize these lies and substitute truth in their place.

5. NO MORE POOPY SHOES I will recognize when I or others are bringing negativity into a relationship and and I will stop the negative ripple that passes it on to others. 

6. SMALL GROUP SHARING I will find or create a small group where I can be real in sharing both failures/sins and successes/victories so that I can experience transparency and acceptance in my life.

7. FEEDBACK I will not only choose to speak the truth in love to others, but I will search for caring people to give me honest feedback as well.

8. THE WALL I’ll continually ask God to show me if there are bricks that I’m putting into a wall between us. When bricks appear, we’ll remove them so He and I can have a close, intimate relationship.

9. LETTER WRITING I’ll write letters to help express my emotions with God, with those who are unsafe, and with those I’m not ready to communicate with. 

10. JUNKYARD I will get rid of any junk piles that appear in my life so that I can keep my heart clean.

11. PILLOW I’ll fight with the authority I’ve been given in the Name of Jesus so I can keep all of the good gifts that God has given me.

12. DAGGER I will use this weapon to fight off the enemy’s surprise attacks by verbally declaring the truth about who I am in Christ. I will speak it aloud, choosing to see myself as He does. 

13. STRETCH I will stretch out of my comfort zone and do things just for the purpose of fun and fellowship!

14. RULES ARE TOOLS I will recognize and honor God’s rules because they are good for teaching me, correcting me, and training me.

15. TRUTH VS REALITY I will recognize the power of distortions and allow God to show me the lens through which I see the world so that I can recognize what just appears to be truth, versus the actual reality. 

16. WATERFALL OF GRACE I will step into the waterfall of His grace whenever I feel worn out, dirty, or have an emotional need. Whenever I shower, drink water, or hear rain, I’ll remember His grace and let it wash over me in the shape of my need.

17. IMAGINATION I will choose to use my imagination for the glory of God. I will intentionally think on things that are uplifting and honoring and put a stop to negative imaginations that are not for my edification.

18. GOD’S DISCIPLINE My Father loves me and therefore disciplines and trains me. I will gladly accept His discipline because I know it strengthens me and makes me more like Him.

19. THE VIDEO/SCRIPTURE I will seek to see God’s Word with new, fresh eyes to understand God’s heart throughout different translations and mediums of Scripture.

20. BLESSINGS I will remember to speak blessings to others around me, affirming the gifts that I see in them.