1. IMPROVEMENT BOXES I will consider the ways I can use my wand of choice to bring greater satisfaction in all areas of my life, and consider why I am not making those choices.
  2. COMFORT ZONE “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” I will embrace opportunities to leave the prison of my comfort zone behind and trust I’ll encounter God there.
  3. HEBREWS 12/RUNNING THE RACE I will not be enslaved to anything except Jesus Himself. Not letting things into my life that will hinder my pursuit of Jesus.
  4. LEPER I will choose the healing Jesus has for me. I’ll stop believing hurtful things that are, or have been said to me or about me. I won’t let pain be my identity and comfort zone.
  5. COMMITMENT (CHART) A commitment is a choice, not a feeling. I can choose to do things that are good and right even if I don’t feel like it. Knowing that the more I put into something, the more I’ll get out of it. For example, my participation in the workshop.
  6. WILLING TO BE OPEN I will have meaningful and open interactions with people.
  7. CHOICE LINE I will keep unsafe people at a safe distance, but will NOT keep safe people at an unhealthy distance, remembering that touch can be healing to me/others.
  8. LAKE OF PAIN No more numbing, ignoring, or worshiping pain. I’ll journey through it with Jesus, all the way to the other side.
  9. STANDING IN SUPPORT I will look beyond myself and act with empathy towards those around me who are hurting. I will also let others “stand in support” of me.
  10. VOWS/INNER DECISIONS “I will never” and “I will always” are not part of my vocabulary any more! By God’s grace, He will be part of my decisions, intentions and commitments.
  11. IDOLS My worship belongs to God alone! No matter how I’ve been sinned against, I choose to guard my heart from becoming attached to anything but Him.
  12. NICKNAMES & NEW NAMES When the enemy tries to steal my identity and replace it with lies, I’ll stand firm in who God has made me to be because it can’t be taken away.
  13. SHARING SECRETS I won’t give the devil power over me with secrets. I’ll confess my sins and walk in freedom from condemnation!
  14. RELATIONSHIP PHRASES I will use “One thing I need from you” sparingly and “Something I love and admire about you is…” liberally in relationships that matter.
  15. SPIRITUAL POTLUCK Participating in God’s family means asking Him what He wants me to bring & share when we gather, and getting out of my comfort zone when I share it.
  16. GIVING I will live a life marked by generosity, giving of myself in various ways. One way I can do that is to give regularly to my church or other ministries that invest in my growth.
  17. SURRENDER I’ll regularly ask God to help me keep a short account with Him giving up my desire to be in control.
  18. MUSIC My musical choices should be intentional to help move my heart in a Godly direction. 
  19. ASKING QUESTIONS I won’t assume or be distracted by not knowing. I’ll ask!
  20. TRANSPARENCY & ACCEPTANCE I will allow myself to be truly known and will affirm the value of others when they are transparent with me.