Lowell & Bonnie Meznarich

Lowell & Bonnie Meznarich


I am in the midst of a drawn out move from Cut Bank, Montana, where I was raised, to Cody, Wyoming. I have 4 children, ages 31 – 37, and 9 grandchildren with 2 more on the way. My wife Bonnie was widowed at a young age and a single mom for years. She came into my life with her 4 children, then ages 4 – 14, just after my youngest went off to college. So just when I thought I had finished that stage of my life, I started parenting all over again. I have been mightily blessed and my second family is now ages 17 – 27. Bonnie’s daughter has given us 2 more grandchildren so our combined total will soon be 13.

I am an independent Certified Public Accountant, am a trained Biblical Counselor and enjoy hiking and exploring Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks.

A friend of my wife told us about Heart Change in late 2011. My wife and step-daughter attended in Oregon City in March 2012 and I could barely contain my excitement, but work kept me from attending until June 2012. While at Oregon City I received healing and reconciliation and knew it needed to be available where we lived and traveled. I have attended leadership training in Oregon City and have been on staff there as well as Salem, OR and Vancouver, WA.

I alternate being awkwardly silent to annoyingly talkative. My Papa and I agree that’s weird but He loves me anyway. He loves you, too, and I want to help Him prove it.


Hi, I’m Bonnie Meznarich. I am part of the Rocky Mountain Region leadership team which presently includes Wyoming, Montana and Alberta, Canada. We are believing God for miracles in our region.

I am wife to Lowell Meznarich, mom to 4 grown kids, ages almost 18-27, step mother to 4, ages 31-37, and “BonBon” to 11,with 2 on the way, grandbabies. You will find me very often administrating several groups online from a single mom’s support group, to Trim Healthy Mamma recipe sharing, Bible studies, home school co-op groups and politics. When not involved in that I’m a voracious reader of comedic or recipe related “who dun its”, sewing, gardening, home improvements and crochet.

I first heard about Heart Change from a Bible college friend that had found it and recommended that I bring my young adult daughter to from Cut Bank, Montana for healing that she needed for various issues ranging from losing her dad at a young age to being assaulted by a high school friend, dabbling in drugs and alcohol and various forms of rebellion. So we hopped on the train in Whitefish, Montana and rode it to Portland, to be picked up and taken to Oregon City, Oregon by friends for our first workshop, March of 2012. I assumed (which is NEVER a good idea) that I was taking daughter TO it not attending myself. Little did I know, that was one grand ambush scheme by good friends and God. I joke to people that it’s a horrific process; that it will turn you inside out and upside down, BUT everyone needs it. Having been widowed at 30 and abandoned at 33, and lived through abusive pastoral leadership most of my life, there was much by the way of healing I am in need of. I’ve never seen a “program” or “ministry” that works quite the same way in tandem with God for good in a person’s life.

I came home from that experience to try and explain without giving away too many details to my husband, who exclaimed, “SIGN ME UP!!” He headed out a few short months later. We were convinced our western states needed it local for the walking wounded around us in Montana and Wyoming. We lived on the border of the largest reservation in Montana. Our area, reservation and off reservation, has one of the highest suicide rates and also one of the highest percentage of meth users. God loves us all, longing to put an end to the destruction by the enemy.

It’s been close to 6 long years of planning, preparing, learning, waiting on God, crying for His intervention in lives and even a move to Cody, WY. This year we have our first Heart Change Workshop on the schedule for August, 2018 in Billings, Montana! I can’t wait to see what God intends for His people.

Article by Mary Neel