Linda Jones

I was born in Orange, Texas but lived most of my life in the Pacific Northwest. We moved a lot when I was growing up. I attended 11 different schools and loved moving to all the new places.

I am single and have three children, one boy and two girls. I also have a cat that I have trained to sit for her treats.

I work for the City of Vancouver and am looking forward to retiring to be free to follow what God has planned for me and do the many things I enjoy. I bought a kayak last year and own snow shoes, so I am looking for people who want to go on adventures with me. I use to sew a lot and would like to get back into it again. I have also had the privilege of traveling a lot and would love to do more of it.

I was recovering from knee replacement when my friend asked me about going to HeartChange in Oregon City in March 2013, she needed a ride and I didn’t have anything else at the time. I was a slow processor and things just seemed to change and transform slowly over time. It wasn’t until I went through HeartDesign in November 2014 and started attending URCH in Vancouver that I became involved with HeartChange. I started TAing and attending workshops as they came up. Transitioning from an alumni into leadership was a slow process without a defining decision to be a leader until I was asked to join the board last summer.

I look forward to working with this great team that God has put together for His glory in the lives of His children.

Article by Mary Neel